Thursday, October 28, 2010

Darryl is a Boy (And He Made Me Sweat A Lot)

Bambini! It's been so long. Not really, it's been a week and a day. In this post I shall recount for you my first official post-Wicked-post-return-to-NYC, mid-existential-unemployment-haze gig.

I find that many who enjoy acting in plays or musicals but are reluctant to pursue it as a career share a common desire for stability and control. These kind, unassuming folk (and may God bless them for their sanity) feel that, when there's enough rehearsal and preparation time, theater is a happy fun time of love, truth and beauty. But there's gotta be plenty of time to get comfortable with the material before delivering it to an audience.

The ensuing story will help illustrate how 95% of professional theater work is nothing like this.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bus. Guilt. Weakness. Opposites.

Taking a little retreat from the big city for a few days. I had this plan to write like five blog posts on the bus, but there was a weird med student sitting diagonally behind me who would not stop murmuring into his cell phone and I got distracted. Murmuring is pretty much a million times worse than loud talking. It is the human-voice equivalent of mosquito buzzing. What sad-sack person had that much time to talk to Dr. Murmur? Unless the person on the other end was also riding on a bus, I have no idea who would be willing to participate in such senselessness.

Okay, here are some more random facts about my life that may or may not lead to further explanation in future blog posts:

1. I feel EXTREMELY GUILTY that I haven't written back to the last batch of 15 or so fans who wrote to me in the final month of Wicked. It's, like, getting to be ridiculous. It's one of those situations where the longer I wait, the more ashamed I get, and the more desperate I am to do something insane and monumental in my replies to compensate for the time lapse -- like cut off my ear and mail it, or something. Too bad I don't have fifteen ears. Or do I.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I started taking film/TV acting lessons

I think this video best summarizes the philosophy behind on-screen acting. Just substitute "act" for "surf."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lots of Updates!

I exist on many planes of the internetosphere, one of which is, my official homepage. I am pleased to announce that, after hours of toil and sweat, it has undergone a facelift that would make even Joan Rivers jealous.

Behold! My Official Homepage: updated!

Updates include: new homepage layout, an extended bio, a photos by fans page, among other little tweaks.

If you'd like to submit your fan photo to appear on (and, I'm not gonna lie, the main prerequisite for your being considered is that I don't look horrendous), visit my Facebook Fan Page, become a member, and add your contribution! It will automatically appear on Facebook, but I'll periodically transfer a few to

Hope you like the updates! If not, well, that's your problem.


Monday, October 11, 2010

On The Audition (capitalized)

Last week I polled the audience about what I should sing at an upcoming audition. In true Felicia fashion, I abandoned all logic and decided to do something entirely different.

But this post is not about that, it's about the terrifying beast we call The Audition. And I'm going to capitalize it right there to make it intimidating.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evil links that I do not endorse but shall nevertheless relay to you, out of journalistic impartiality

Big news: I've decided to quit being insane and actually utilize the "label" functionality provided by Blogger, something I have heretofore eschewed as nonsense and used only in a nonsensical fashion (like by labeling my articles as "wiping my nose" or "I am a baby").

I would thus like to introduce to you the "resource" label, something which will be applied to all posts that might be (you guessed it) a resource -- i.e. helpful to youngsters (or oldsters, who am I to judge) and up-and-coming actorly folk who want to learn about the nuts-and-bolts of showbiz. Yesterday's post, for example ("Some of your questions, answered.") expounded on some terms that a few of my readers had asked me to clarify. Thus, it has been labeled a "resource" at the bottom of its text. NEAT-O! I will eventually cull these articles from the rest of the blog, post them onto a single page, and make them available as an easy-to-access link on the sidebar of Five-Trick Pony's homepage. In the meantime, simply click on the "resource" label wherever you see it, and Blogger will automatically bring forward all articles labeled thusly. In the span of one paragraph, I have used "thus" or some derivation thereof three times, not including this sentence. I feel ashamed, and exhilarated.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Help! I have an audition!

One of the recurring dilemmas an actor faces when presented with a new audition opportunity is: should she sing something she already knows that is entirely unsuitable for the audition, given the subject matter of the show she's auditioning for, or should she learn a new song in the span of a few days and risk messing up the lyrics and sounding like rubbish?

Hypothetical* scenario: I have an audition this Tuesday. I'm supposed to prepare 32 bars of a pop song and bring my Diti Boo, in case they want to hear more.  Hold on, you say, what's 32 bars? 32 bars of chocolate? No, silly reader, it's 32 measures of music, which usually times out to be a verse and chorus, or a chorus and a bridge. What's a bridge, you say? A structure that holds up cars over water? No, silly reader, it's a card game.

Anyway, I currently have two options for the pop song: Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Clarkson. Which do you think? Or if you have any other non-Clarksonian suggestions, comment below. Trying to find a song that shows off some belting. Or don't comment below, because I'll secretly feel really foolish for polling the audience for audition song ideas. (But maybe comment below.)

*Scenario is not hypothetical.


I signed with Henderson Hogan!

Great news: I just signed with Henderson Hogan talent agency! They now represent me in the fields of theater, film and television. I am beyond ecstatic, as Henderson Hogan has been in business over 40 years and is extremely respected by its peers.

I have a feeling this is prologue to many more exciting adventures.

If not, to keep this blog entertaining, I shall resort to lying. You have my word.