Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bus. Guilt. Weakness. Opposites.

Taking a little retreat from the big city for a few days. I had this plan to write like five blog posts on the bus, but there was a weird med student sitting diagonally behind me who would not stop murmuring into his cell phone and I got distracted. Murmuring is pretty much a million times worse than loud talking. It is the human-voice equivalent of mosquito buzzing. What sad-sack person had that much time to talk to Dr. Murmur? Unless the person on the other end was also riding on a bus, I have no idea who would be willing to participate in such senselessness.

Okay, here are some more random facts about my life that may or may not lead to further explanation in future blog posts:

1. I feel EXTREMELY GUILTY that I haven't written back to the last batch of 15 or so fans who wrote to me in the final month of Wicked. It's, like, getting to be ridiculous. It's one of those situations where the longer I wait, the more ashamed I get, and the more desperate I am to do something insane and monumental in my replies to compensate for the time lapse -- like cut off my ear and mail it, or something. Too bad I don't have fifteen ears. Or do I.

2. I started using those weight-lifting machines in the gym. It's fun, but also impossible. It's been so long since I've used them. Turns out my upper back is extremely weak and can't, like, even move 2 pounds. I know: riveting news. But maybe this little tidbit will beget a longer post one day in which I shall expound on the perils of staying in shape as an actress (BAHAHAHAHA! AS IF I KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE!).

3. Acting for TV/Film is cray-cray. Last week's post was not an exaggeration: if you're being filmed, you literally should never try to act. Never try to do anything. Ever. More specifically, I found this little nugget emblematic of the theater/screen acting dichotomy:

When acting onstage in a play, an iron-clad rule is that you must "act on the line." In other words, if you have an objective and are performing some sort of action, you must use the verbal line to convey it. Don't sigh, or huff, or giggle, or do some sort of weird wavey gesture to convey what you mean, and then say the line. Instead, infuse the line with whatever sentiment the sigh/huff/etc was meant to convey.

Screen acting, however, is the exact opposite.  It is, apparently, rarely, if ever, about what's written on the page. The words don't matter. It's all in how you frame them, visually, and how the actor couches the words in his or her behavior, i.e. a glance, or a pause, or an exhale, etc.

Theater = Verbal. Film = Behavioral. Tell your friends!

There are, of course, many other distinctions between the two. More on this in later posts. (I think this is pretty interesting, don't you?!)

4. I'm singing "Daryl Is A Boy (And He Lives In My Closet)" this Monday at 6PM at Playwright's Horizons! I don't know any of the details about this gig, except that it's cool. But if it's open to the public, I will def post more info!



  1. I love Daryl Is A Boy! It is the first song I ever heard you sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now now, no need to pull a Van Gogh on us and begin detatching ears!

  3. Youch, I've met a few pre-med people that could be great friends with that dude.

    yay for singing, wish I was still in town to catch it! Last week I did it across the street at the Laurie Beechman Theater/West Bank Cafe, and it was nerve wracking, but oh-so-exhilarating! Thanks for the pearls of wisdom and enjoy your retreat!

  4. Girl, how are you supposed to get a job on screen with 15 ears?! Maybe it is a smart idea to cut them off...

  5. will it be filmed? i know there's already an awesome version on youtube of you singing it, but it would still be awesome to see!


  6. Lucky for you, your humor slash talent is reason enough for your fan down under to patiently wait for a reply!! Another great blog!

  7. Please keep your 2 or 15 ears you have. I really don't want to find a bloody ear in my response from you. A ghetto fab picture will be just fine! ;) I will keep waiting! ;) I am not moving anytime soon! :)

    "Daryl is a Boy" is a great song done by you. :) Its a hilarious song, too. I love that and "Venice" that you and Jackie Burns sang together; 2 of my favorite Elphaba's! :)

    Another wonderful blog!!! :)

  8. I remember when my drama teacher told us to go to an audition (or is it called casting¿?) for a movie (it was for some tiny parts and as we found later, they were searching "natural" people); we literally had to go as a class asigment just to discover that they weren't interested in, as they called it, "stage people", thay wanted someone "natural".
    About the definition of natural... the meaning is, more or less: (more than) good looking, without any experience of any kind and just wanting to showcase themselves, no matter how. Of course, this is Spain and everything is like a big joke.
    Now I'm studying psychology... :(


  9. #1 2 Hail Mary's, 1 Our Father

    #2 Bring it!

    #3 interesting. << infused line with sincerity

    #4 Have a great gig!

  10. haha! I've been thinking about writing you, but now I'm reconsidering because I don't want to add to your guilt! Maybe you just need to do some acceptance work around the fact that you're getting more well-known and just might not have the time to respond to all your fans anymore. That seems bitter-sweet.

  11. i hope to get a response from you soon! hopefully it will include your awesome ghetto fab picture!

  12. hi felicia
    i was wondering if you responded to the last batch of fanmail yet