Monday, October 4, 2010

Some of your questions, answered.

Q: What's a talent agent?

A: A talent agent finds auditions for their actor-clients by speaking directly with casting directors and/or accessing online breakdown services that publish audition information. He/she fields and filters audition requirements to the actor (i.e. date, time, what to prepare) and then negotiates the actor's contract should he/she book the job. An actor can either freelance with an agent (which means he/she does not need to work with them exclusively) or sign with an agency (agency = bunch of agents; this means the actor works with this agency exclusively; contract length varies, but usually begins as one year). Agents are paid when their clients book jobs, receiving a percentage of the actor's weekly salary.

Q: What's a secret agent?

A: A secret agent is someone who wears well-tailored clothes, carries gadgets, speaks in spy-talk (i.e. "transmitting intel in T minus oh-eight hours"), and fights evil organizations.

Q: What's a casting director?

A: A casting director works for a casting company and seeks out actors for various auditions. They are hired by production teams looking to cast a new or ongoing project. In most cases, the casting director does the initial screening of the actor candidates, then recommends, or calls back, actors whom he/she feels the production team should take a look at. Their expertise is manifold: not only must they have a thorough handle on the material for which they are casting, but they must also be highly perceptive in determining the best types of people to "fit" the role. Additionally, they must dip into their ken of experience and knowledge of working actors when determining who to call in for the audition. In short: talent agents (see above) submit their clients to casting directors; casting directors decide whom to let in the gate.

Q: What's a cruise director?

A: A cruise director does stuff like stage sing-alongs at midnight buffets. Somebody like this guy.  And God have mercy on their pitiful, seafaring souls.



  1. Hi, Felicia!
    My first thought - you have too much time on your hands. hehe

    What if your agency books you a special agent gig in a musical set on a cruise ship? Will you be interested?

  2. Great BLOG post Felicia! Good Luck on your audition! Tomorrow, right?
    Sorry, I couldn't participate on what you should sing on that audition. Not familiar enough with pop music or what suits your vocal range. I'm sure you'll do great though.
    btw-If you get your sister to fly in you could do 38-Song Medley which would definitely show off your talent, range and sense of humor. :o) Not sure though if that alone would land you the job though..

  3. The real question is: what the heck is a travel agent?

  4. The cruise director on my recently completed Alaskan sojourn apparently served mostly to fumble his way through important ship-wide announcements, like the embarrassingly clumsy emergency drill.

    If he was in any way responsible for the "iBroadway" night that ended with a truly horrific rendition of "Defying Gravity," I should have found him and thrown him over the railing into the Alaskan sea. Seriously, those women made my soul bleed.

    Wait, this post is about cruise directors, right?