Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yale cares about what I have to say!

In a recent inexplicable turn of events, Yale University, my beloved alma mater, has invited me to come speak to its students about what it's like to be a real person!

More specifically: the university's Undergraduate Career Services is assembling a panel of alumni to expound on what it's like to forge a career in the arts. I'm not sure who else is going, although I do know that my dear friend Sam Carner, lyricist extraordinaire, will be in attendance.

So, if you happen to be moseying around Yale's campus in New Haven this Thursday, December 2 between 6-8pm, stop by Linsley-Chittenden, Room 211, and watch me mold young milds!

1 comment:

  1. Cool for you, Felicia! If Lisa Bielawa or Sari Gruber are there, too, please tell them I said Hi.