Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yes: this is what I like to see on

Check out this hilarious photo diary by Jeff Hiller and Greg Hildreth of Broadway's Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. (Fun fact: I worked with Jeff briefly on the Rosenblum and Lessner piece Garbo and Me, but I literally had two lines and doubt he remembers me, although he was a lovely fellow. Hi, Jeff!)


  1. Bloody Bloody was a gas! I specially loved the dude with the weasel and the goofy eyes. see it.

  2. That photo diary is hilarious -- I love the matching PJs. A fifth-floor dressing room makes the Orpheum not seem so bad, eh?

    Since Bloody Bloody is one of the few shows with Sunday evening and Monday shows, I can possibly go see it when I'm in NY next month. Which two of these three would you New York theater types pick: BBAJ, Elf, In the Heights (I did see Heights in SF, but this would be with the farewell cast).