Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Outrageous Sequel Medley

In August 2010, my li'l sis and I presented an outrageous thirty-eight song medley using no papers or notes -- only our tired memories. This, my friends, is its outrageous sequel.

Filmed in one take (again, with no notes), it picks up where Medley 1 left off ("Valjean's Soliloquy" Les Misérables) and ends with a triumphant homage to our collective youth.

Or, better yet, ends -- for now. Because in a world of outrageous medleys, every ending is a new beginning...



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  2. Absolutely amazing! You and your sister are sooo sweet together- although I didn't think it would be possible, the sequel actually tops the original!!! Loving all the Wicked and Les Mis in it- especially the No good deed. Is your sister perhaps a future elphaba?!

    Love you felicia-your blog is great!!! xxx

  3. LOVE it!!!!! Keep the music coming...

  4. THIS IS BRILLIANT!! i'm a huge fan of the original, but this just might be even better!

  5. Nice!! I needed a dose of awesome...and this more than fits the bill!!