Thursday, February 24, 2011


This post is called "WTF!" because that is definitely what you are thinking.

First of all, you're like WTF! Why has it been a month since Felicia has written?! Second of all, you're like, WTF is this post?! Why is it so cray-cray? Third of all, you're like, WTF is Felicia doing with herself? She's, like, dropped off the face of the earth! Fourth of all, you're like, WTF in general! WTF is going on here?!

I'll tell you WTF is going on.

It is a new era, my friends. A new era of adventure and confusion and triumph and fear and loathing in Las Vegas. And, you guessed it, a new era of saying "WTF" like all day long.

I've lately made a bunch of big decisions. Nothing too earth-shattering. I mean, all of my anatomy remains unchanged (I think?). Just career-wise. I'm stepping up my game and moving more toward full-time writing, as opposed to full-time acting.

I know, I know! You're probably like, WTF?! Because that is what this post is called, and also because what I just said probably made you think that. But, fear not. I'm just embracing my creativity in a different way. I'm currently employed full-time as a copywriter, and it's a pretty sweet gig. Meanwhile, I'm writing a memoir. Yep. You heard me. A memoir. (Cue: "WTF!") But more on this soon. I wanted first to put that out there and make you all be like "WTF?!" before I shoved the details down your throat at a later date. Just know that, professionally, I'm shifting my focus (for now), while in the meantime I'll continue to make musical theater mischief on YouTube, in the streets, in your dreams, in your mom's dreams, and just continue to be a weirdo in general.

In summary, it is my duty to embrace my FIVE-TRICK PONY nature...which is to explore, challenge, question, forge new and exciting paths...

...and to make things up as I go.

Honestly? It's kind of really freaking fun. And also kind of makes me be like -- you guessed it -- WTF.



  1. Congrats, Felicia! Follow your dreams and know that every choice you make in life is always the right one. Yes I follow The Secret and I can't wait to read your memoir.

  2. WTF? (What's That Felicia) no full time acting? So won't be seeing you sing and act for a while :( I know you're an awesome writer so no doubt you'll be great!

  3. As much as i love your acting and singing, i think it's awesome that you are writing! can't wait to read your memoir :)


  4. As I have known you since your birth (and, actually, before), I've no doubt that you will amaze, electrify, transform, and transcend on whatever path you frolic upon. I will anticipate your next chapter with bated breath!

  5. Someone once said..."Even a stopped clock can be right twice a day." Now, having said that, does that mean doing nothing guarantees you of being right "atleast" twice a day... as opposed to moving on which means possibly missing out on being right those two times? Well, having said THAT... really...what do you have to lose...being wrong 2 more times? Come on... go for it kid... risk it all and explore the opportunities that YOUR youth and (wierdo wicked) charm brings you... until it is time to settle down. Then, no regrets for having sampled so much of life's experiences. Best of luck in your endeavors. I applaud you for trying.

  6. PS. If you think you have it hard...look at that moron Charlie Sheen who pissed away a 1.2 million dollar per episode job...not to mention allllll the staff on the show who now dont have a job either because he is a drunk fool. Complete lunacy.

  7. I'll admit there was a sad little twinge as I read this post- I was excited, when you moved back to the east coast, that I'd finally get to see you sing in person (maybe I even set aside a vacation day for "Felicia's broadway debut.") But, that being said, you have Mad Writing Skillz and I can't wait to see where this new career path takes you! I'm thinking lots of good things are headed your way. =)

  8. Well, that's the best thing about one's life, it's yours. You get to shape it and make it work properly. If you are happy and productive, that should make your friends and loved ones thrilled and 'nuff said.
    You are smart and funny. 2 qualities which I admire. Let the copywriting pay the bills. It's important to eat, so you have strength to type. Writing can be a "demanderating business".
    That I won't be able to hear your voice on a stage only makes me a selfish witch. I'll get over it.
    See you at the book signing.

  9. Hi, Felicia.
    I equally enjoy your singing and your writing. I am looking forward to where this new path takes you. I hope I will be toasting your book launching soon. All the best!