Friday, September 23, 2011


Dudes. Normally, I despise working out.

See, no matter what I do, my body stays the same. It's a good enough body. Healthy, muscular, a little hefty in the belly region. I've done the exercise DVD thing. Pilates. Aerobics classes. During each of my fitness "kicks" I definitely do start to feel better (i.e. I cease to be winded when climbing 1-2 flights of stairs).

But I always ask myself, where are the visible results?

Thanks to the guidance of fitness guru Marshall Roy (who, ahem, happens to be my boyfriend) (and who, ahem, also happens to be a main character in my book) (and who, ahem, happens to have cheese-grater abs), I have recently started lifting HEAVY WEIGHTS.

Like, 141 pounds heavy weights. And getting heavier.

My new philosophy: time to quit joking around.

For whatever reason, I was born strong. I have healthy bones and an athletic build. Frankly, I'm done with measly little dumbbells that weigh less than the cumulative amount of food I eat in one day. I needed to take the body I was given and challenge that body.

I was born strong. It's not a curse, it's a blessing. But one that also means I need to work harder.

From my recent heavy-lifting exploits, I've realized that the threshold of what I believed to be actual effort needs to be raised much higher. In my defense, I'd never been challenged in the way heavy weights (or body-weight moves, like pull-ups or push-ups) seem to challenge me now. In everybody's defense, how are you to know what you're capable of, unless you try?

And with little over two weeks under my belt, not only am I starting to feel stronger, I'm starting to look stronger as well.


  1. Update! Today I deadlifted 153 pounds! Now bring on the carbs.

  2. Okay 1st, I LOVE YOUR BOOK. Second, I can NEVER find any pics of Marshall! I mean, I checked out his website and stuff, but there's just not any out there!