Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A very hipster Thanksgiving

Friends, countrymen, readers of Unnaturally Green, watchers of nonsensical videos,

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a gloriously familial time with my boyfriend, a.k.a. Gentle Rambo, and his Wisconsin-born, Pennsylvania-bred family of six (Rambo, like me, is a middle child -- observant, quietly brilliant, considerate, only slightly messed-up).

In typical Felicia-fashion, at Thanksgiving dinner (which we happily celebrated on two days, consecutively) I was unable to restrain myself amidst the sweet potatoes, stuffing, and various bread-filled substances, and so gave myself a free pass from no-carb prison.

(I've since been locked back into my cell, where I find myself sneaking various carbohydrate-laden snacks when the warden is looking the other way.)

But there is a point to all this -- totally unrelated -- which is? Oh yeah! I took some photos!

You may not know this charming fact about me, but I've long been complaining about my inability to download the ubiquitous Hipstamatic photo app, favored by hipsters and other garden-variety iPhone users alike, since I have an Android Inspire (the AT&T salesperson told me it was compatible with all iPhone apps, which was clearly a lie, because I also can't download Houzz, a.k.a. the best interior design app evarrr, and I WANT MY MONEY BACK!).

Lo and behold, this weekend I learned there's something called the Retro Camera app -- the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Android app to the Hipstamatic. All in all, it sufficed! And I took some hipstery photos that I will now post below.

The takeaway from this experience? A hipster-inspired photo app does not a hipster make. You'll see what I mean.

Dazed and confused?

Eating my own hair?

A cat! This might be my best, most hipster-y photo.

Yeah, I know. So not hip.

I threw in this "broken doll" model shot...with a mini Christmas tree...because, why not.


  1. I like to consult this website for all things hipsterrific. It's been quite useful in my research of their hipster ways.


  2. That waistline looks like it's never seen a carbohydrate.

  3. That's a terrible lie for the AT&T guy to make...either that or he just needed to sell one more Android phone to make his quota.

    I had an Android phone once, it was pretty terrible. I think they are much better these days - but I have an iPhone now so...that's how that goes. I do not have any hipsterlicious photo apps though, so clearly I haven't used my iPhone to it's full potential.