Friday, December 2, 2011

Hugh Jackman is literally so awesome

Last night I went to see Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway at the Broadhurst theater with my manly yet sensitive boyfriend Marshall. As the near-supernatural theatrics unfolded onstage, we hooted, clapped, and more or less tinkled our undergarments. Why? BECAUSE HUGH JACKMAN IS LITERALLY SO AWESOME.

Let me preface by saying, I wasn't always a Hugh Jackman fan. In fact, on my first date with Marshall, I randomly quoted a then-recent People Magazine interview in which Hugh seemed, to me, too sickeningly good to be true, while Marshall silently thought, I hope it's okay if I later tell this girl that I kind of love Hugh Jackman.

Two years later, the relationship has grown and strengthened -- by which I mean my relationship with Hugh Jackman.

Yes, I've become a convert. Marshall (who is the most unique blend of action-hero junkie, intellectual, and sensitive man-feminist) has helped me to see the light. Together we admire Hugh's unbridled positivity, enthusiasm, and ridiculous all-around talent -- on screen and stage. But, fanatical as we are, little could prepare us for seeing him live -- in a musical theater extravaganza of Jackmanian proportions.

Some of his one-man show comprises personal anecdotes and stories, while the rest is an homage to Golden Broadway and cinema. He sings near-flawlessly, performing both earnest and parodic renditions of several classic songs that made the elder man next to Marshall hum along at sometimes annoying volumes. But no matter! We were all having such a darn good time! When Jackman needs musical-theater-y flair, he's got it: he dances like a long-legged Astaire, donning tap shoes, twirling canes and umbrellas. It got to the point where I couldn't help but keep yelling to Marshall, "WHY IS HE SO TALENTED," which was only partly to get back at the man who wouldn't stop humming.

My absolute favorite number was the Act I closer, "Soliloquy" from Carousel. It artfully showcased his acting and singing abilities, combined in one brilliant song performance. But just as Jackman can pull off such a complex dramatic piece, so can he banter with audience members about -- you name it -- late arrivals, Australian slang, his sweaty white tank top. One minute he's prancing flamboyantly (opening Act II as Peter Allen, in sparkling gold shirt and pants), the next he's showing clips of him popping his neck veins as Wolverine, a freaky man-beast with claws, and then he's performing alongside an Aboriginal didgeridoo ensemble, talking to the audience about cultural understanding.


In summary, I have become a full-fledged fan, and now cannot be stopped. Hugh Jackman is awesome, and I'm going to keep talking about it long after you tell me to shut up!

You should totes go see his show! Hugh Jackman 4-eva!

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  1. We saw him in SF. Totally awesome show & epitome of a gentleman to his fans at the stage door. I thought my daughter Shelby had been pushed out by people crowding. But when I asked Shelby if he missed her, he looked right up, reached out and caught her right hand. He said, "No, I got her." and gave her the sweetest smile. Needless to say she had an unwashed hand for a while. (She has a filthy right shoulder courtesy of Nicolas Dromard as well.) Absolutely, a showman of the old school in the genre of Gene Kelly. I would have loved to have seen London Oklahoma in person.