Sunday, December 18, 2011

Neti Pots May Not Be So Awesome After All

This article on (from a longer one on is one of the more bizarre and sad things I've read. Apparently, two unlucky people in Louisiana used Neti Pots -- a homeopathic cold treatment that passes water up through your nose and sinus (watch my demo here) -- and a deadly amoeba living in their tap water burrowed its way into their brains and killed them. Double yikes.

Apparently this is extremely rare, but in light of this, I'm revising my Neti Pot stance from blanket advocacy to PLEASE BOIL THE WATER BEFORE YOU USE IT IN YOUR NETI POT SO AMOEBAS DON'T EAT YOUR BRAINS!

Thank you.


  1. When I was in high school (many centuries ago), I wrote a parody Christmas song called "Jerry the Killer Amoeba," sung to the tune of "Rudolph." This is the first time since then that I've heard about an amoeba killing someone.

  2. This story came out the day after I was singing the praises of my daily Neti Pot routine to a coworker. She then assumed I was trying to kill her by tricking her into pouring an amoeba into her brain. Oops. Another coworker (who is a tiny bit overreactive) immediately calls her daughter and tells her to cease using Neti Pot until further notice. This same coworker also asked about a freshly delivered box of egg rolls "How long have these been out? I don't want to get food poisoning."

    I say, relax. You're probably not going to get a brain eating amoeba or food poisoning from egg rolls that were delivered 20 minutes ago.

    Probably, anyway.

  3. When I first watched your video explaining the neti pot, I was already reluctant about it. And now I will never in a million years use one! Even if I do boil the water first, it's still a scary thought to think of something eating your brain.