Friday, March 23, 2012

I am so fearful of a blank Word doc...

...that I'll sometimes start new projects / posts / paragraphs / chapters in a completely separate and "less threatening" context -- like an email window, or a Stickie note, or a scrap of paper. Then I'll copy and paste later.

Sounds crazy, right? But this way, beginning is much less intimidating. The water in the pool seems warmer. From there I can jump right in, instead of dip one toe and recoil from the cold.

File under: Neurotic. Weird. Writer's tip/writer's shame.


  1. Felicia, it sounds completely logical to me, lol...maybe because you have that rare gift of being able to describe an ordinary thing in a completely unique way.

  2. I must say...this is slightly unrelated, but my problem with Word Documents is that I'll have a whole well of ideas...I open Word, and BAM! I have no clue what to say. Sad, funny, and random.

  3. I do that too. :) I also have this weird fear of not having a title for my projects. I know I need to write something, and then title my projects (or at least that's what my English professors told me), but I can't seem to build my stories, blogs, or essays until I have a title.

  4. The only thing I ever write is for school, but I'll still have tough time starting. I'll start a paper like this "I'm not sure how to start this paper, but it needs to have some sort of opening paragraph that talks about ______" and from my ramblings I end up being able to form a properly paragraph. (Then I take out the rambling part lol)