Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wanna fight me?

Sometimes I publicly allude to the fact that I lift heavy weights, like here, or here, or in this blog's author bio (look down and to the left!).

This post is another one of those times!

Because a foundational principle of blogging is that one should provide a window into all moments of one's life -- the fascinating, the mundane -- here is a video that my boyfriend Gentle Rambo insisted on filming. It's of me deadlifting 150 pounds for three reps -- the final set of lifts in a series of three -- and I guess I look sort of cool.

(Fortunately he cuts it right before I turn to the camera and make a truly heinous, "I want to go home now" face, equal parts "I'm constipated" and "I just relieved myself," which is a confusing and rather paradoxical place to be, emotionally and spiritually.)

But, okay, fine, I joke or whatever, but I'll admit it -- I'm sort of proud!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

An actual thing I just did

Subtitle: What has my life become?

Email to: Us Magazine 
From: Felicia 
This is one of the more bizarre missives I will ever write -- but I've noticed the following too many times for it to be coincidence! It seems that in many midtown Manhattan Duane Reade stores, Us Magazine is obstructed and difficult to find! I'm not sure if a competitor is sabotaging you or if there is some beef with Duane Reade, but any time I find Us (if at all) it is hidden behind another unrelated magazine in the display. Life & Style, Star (in my opinion, both lesser magazines!) are always loud and clear, front and center, whereas yours is hidden and out of reach. Anyway, call it paranoia or whatever, but it's happened around ten times, at more than one Duane Reade location. As a fan of Us, I thought I'd let you know, in case there's anything to it. 
And now you, dear reader, know my secret(s). Not only do I read Us Magazine regularly, but I have enlisted myself to protect it from nefarious tabloid sabotage.

Is there a support group I can join?


***10:00PM UPDATE***

DUDES! "Us" just wrote me back!

"Thanks Felicia, we're having this checked out now.

Sent from my iPhone"


Basically, I have found my calling -- as a magazine vigilante for justice.