Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Singing Tips Video!

Greeting, blog readers! The end of summer is nigh! I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to fall, a.k.a. the season in which I can wear clothes not solely to avoid nakedness (which would be preferable in the oppressive heat) but rather layered outfits with an eye toward style!

On a completely unrelated note, here's the latest installment of my Super Short Singing Lesson videos! It's about palate and tongue placement and mouth shape when you sing.

(Also, I decided to intersperse Baroque-inspired title cards, on a whim.)



  1. What could have been awkward and even uncomfortable to some, discussing and visualizing the little known nasopharynx, was made classy with the addition of the early silent film title cards. As usual, well-done, Ms Ricci, well-done! You are doing a fine job of educating and improving the quality of a new generation of vocalists! And very brave of you to expose your uvula like that. Few will outside a dentist or ENT physician's office.

  2. Your videos are so incredibly helpful! I really enjoy watching them and they're actually helping my singing improve (if comments by my parents, who have to endure my singing daily, prove anything). I just finished reading Unnaturally Green as well, and it was so informative and hilarious! Well done; you're really an inspiration to me!

  3. Awesome video! A singer needs to find the configurations of the vocal tract that produce the exact acoustic characteristics dictated by the phonemes being sung. Because the entire vocal tract is relatively compact, any change among its components has a direct effect on resonance balance.