Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell, 2012. You saucy minx.

And now a brief New Year's Eve post to tie a bit of a messy, loose-ended bow on this challenging and bizarre gift of a year....

It's not a tradition of mine to reflect on the year on December 31. Usually that comes on May 16, my birthday, in which I write a couple of pages in my private "Birthday Journal" (a Google doc, really) to sum up what's happened to me, how I've grown, what I'm proud of, what I'm afraid of... It's fun to periodically go back and read them, all in a row, so I'm fast-forwarding through time, and gazing at myself from a place of retrospection, an older sister to myself, whispering, "Keep going."

But 2012 has been profound, and I think it deserves some kind of acknowledgment, however brief.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Hitting on" Tom Hardy

Fun fact! The stats section of Blogger reports that my extremely brief post on Tom Hardy (in which I quoted him saying strange yet accurate things about poodles) has gotten more than double the hits of my second-most popular post (on discontinuing my Facebook timeline). Go figure.

Anyway, thanks, Tom Hardy!

Also, sometimes I think Bane from The Dark Knight Rises is my spirit animal? In a non-creepy, non-terrorist, big-muscled, gypsy-accented kind of way.

Don't ask me to explain. Let's just go with it.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What do you blog about when you're afraid to blog?

I've had blogger's block. It's not an accident. There's a reason.

I'm afraid to tell the truth.

Five-Trick Pony, as a workspace, lives sort of separately from my author-space. Separate from the whole promoting-Unnaturally-Green-thing, from my Twitter, from my weird alias Facebook, it's a space that's a little more sequestered than it is in the spotlight. (I like to think, anyway.) It's also been a space for me to speak on a host of random things that have crossed my mind (manicures, sweat, and other riches).

For the most part, I've kept it light. Mostly.

And now? I'm afraid to go dark.

Hence blogger's block.