Thursday, April 11, 2013

How I'm feeling about Spring. And some other stuff...

It's Spring! How do I know this? I feel sweaty all the time and everything smells amazing. It's the scent of cut grass, of flowers, of anticipation, of my boyfriend... (He smells so good! Do you know people fall in love not with each other, but with each other's bacteria? Or something like that. SCIENCE.)

I recently took a personality test and discovered I am an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging), a type of person that comprises a mere 1% of the population. According to a bunch of websites, INFJs live troubled and yet enriched lives, constantly being like "Who Am I, What Is Life."

Anyway, my "F" preference (Feeling as opposed to Thinking) is no joke; growing up I wept openly and frequently; in seventh grade English class after reading Of Mice and Men I practically had to be escorted out of the building; I even sometimes felt sympathy toward inanimate objects, like unopened DVDs that had fallen to obsolescence.

Don't laugh at me. I'm an INFJ, and I might take it hard.


How do I know this / why does this relate to Spring, Felicia you weirdo? Because I'm flipping OUT right now about the beauty of Spring! I'm not just seeing, I'm motherf*cking FEELING nature, know what I'm saying? I'm encountering a bright yellow bush and I'm like, HOLY CRAP THAT'S A BRIGHT YELLOW BUSH HOW IS IT SO COOL?

Perhaps it's because I'm sensing an empirical difference between this Spring and all other Springs in recent memory. Because, for the first time in approximately four years, I'm witnessing nature not as a side note to concrete, but as an actual centerpiece, a beautiful living breathing pollen-filled THING!

And why is that?

Well...the good ol' Marshall and I have moved from our Manhattan bedroom to a cute little town called Wayne, PA. [GASPS!] I know, I know. It may seem sudden for y'all, but I assure you it wasn't on our end. We have our reasons. They're good reasons. Marshall and I have career aspirations that were proving quite tricky in New York City. And while we were juuuuuuuust getting by, we were like, maybe it would be cool not to have our rent cost more than our lives?

Did you know there are other birds besides pigeons? Bugs besides the ones you find crawling in your sink? (They chirp, too, and sustain these long musical notes, like singing robots.) That there is such a thing as breeze, and listening to silence, or the wind?

All filed under: things I forgot while living in NYC.

Before you think I'm hating on my city, let me say: to each his own. I love certain stuff about NYC, and I loathe certain stuff about NYC. Part of growing up, and getting a grip, is making choices -- and this applies also to your living situation. Sometimes we make choices before we really know who we are (me in 2008, just out of college). Our geography is one of those choices. (My career in theater was another.) Now I choose not to live by default or by inaction, but to seek out a situation that works best for me.

So we're getting to know a new area that has long been appealing (Marshall grew up in PA, a few towns over) and following our dreams! As with any life shift, it's a process, and we're at the beginning of a long road. But I'm excited to see where it takes us...

And at least the road is lined with flowering yellow bushes.

Are any of you going through similar upheavals? How do you feel? Or, more generally, are you loving Spring?


  1. I ALWAYS love spring, I just frolick about cleaning things a la Snow White. Beautiful time of year <3 I love that personality thing, I'm an ENFJ and I find it scarily accurate! Lovely to hear that you made a big change that worked out really well, I'm about to leave home and am a little apprehensive, so it's comforting to hear that often these things are for the best :)

    Yay for happiness!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous! Exciting to hear you're on the brink of adventure... Best of luck to you.

  3. I've never been able to quite grasp how people who aren't multi-millionaires live in NYC. Or rather, how they live in NYC and also do things. Like eat. Once, I thought a friend's house payment wasn't so bad - then I find out there is a monthly co-op fee?! What?! You pay to live here with a mortgage, and then you pay extra to live here? My little Kentucky mind can't process that ha ;-)

    I had to Google map Wayne, Pa because I didn't know where it was...but it looks like a perfect location! Small area, but comfortably close to a big city and also not too far from NYC to still access it occasionally.

    Congratulations on the move, I'm sure you guys will enjoy being back in the regular world :-)

  4. As a fellow INFJ, I felt EXTREME LOATHING yesterday for the freak ice storm that made my morning so unpleasant. :)

    I'm happy for you getting to experience nature again!

    Take care!

  5. First up, yay to another INF! (I'm a P instead of a J, but it's a minor distinction. :) ) Always nice to find other people who get the introvert lifestyle and know that "recharge time" away from other humans doesn't mean we don't value those friends we have. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who anthropomorphizes inanimate objects too. I could become a hoarder because I catch myself empathizing with broken or worn out items and feeling bad about throwing them out. :P I think that's what makes people artists or writers, though, being able to see the world that way.

    Congrats on the move and getting to experience a new area of the country! We were an Air Force family growing up, so moves still excite me (if not the act of moving the furniture itself). I love checking out a new town.

    This year has been interesting because we're actually having a Spring in Texas! Usually, we just go straight from Winter (or what for northerners would be Fall) to Summer, which lasts 9-10 months of 90-100-degree heat. But this year we've been having rain and it's staying cooler longer and the wildflowers are gorgeous! San Antonio does get awesome flowers for however long Spring lasts. The bluebonnets are carpeting the sides of the road and the huisache trees are covered in yellow fluffy balls. :) Yes, pretty soon everything will be dry and brown until November, but I'll take it while it lasts!

    No big upheavals right now. I'm trying to get out of the house and have more of a social life, embark on a new project, find more work, etc., but not much going on just yet. I hope Pennsylvania gives you many new adventures and opportunities! It looks beautiful! (And go to Hershey, PA while you're there! The whole town smells like chocolate! Or at least it did when we went years and years ago.)

  6. First, let me say I'm happy to see another blog from you! It's been too long! You started my day off with a good laugh. I'll never look at bright yellow bushes the same way again!

    And second, I LOVE SPRING!!!! Although here in Vegas it only lasts 2 weeks before we skyrocket into 100+ temperatures. But for now, it feels like colors are brighter and people are more chipper during this time of year. It's like living in a Disney movie.

    I remember taking that personality test when I was a psychology undergrad and found that my type has changed to an ISTJ. I guess after being alive for 26 years, I've become set in my ways. Scary how true the descriptions are.

    Glad you guys are taking a huge step in following your dreams! Sometimes moving to a new place gives you the kick in the butt you need to start living your dream or finding a new one. I'm planning a move at the end of the year to the town that you guys just vacated to start mine. Does your dream still include theatre?

    I wish you guys all the best out there in PA!


  7. Congrats on the move, Felicia! Isn't it great to live in a place where you don't continuously hear sirens? Our backyard is also blooming with flowers. Enjoy the beautiful blooms in PA while they last!

  8. Wow, big, exciting news! Good for you, taking an active approach to pursuing your goals, and even better that this has taken you to a place with some nicer smells and sights this spring. I'm excited for you both and can't wait to read about what else these plans mean for you.

    I don't do well with uncertainties (ESTJ), so upheavals can be tricky for me to navigate. I'm about to graduate from five years of grad school and am feeling quite stressed about my lack of defined career ambitions.

  9. Good to hear from you, Felicia! I liked hearing about your personality, as I'm a psych major, and am an ISFJ. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to celebrate Spring yet as my city just got some snow this past week. :( Hopefully the weather will warm up son I can properly celebrate it.

    I'm currently transitioning from student to..well, I don't know. I'm looking for a summer job right now, and then I'll be finishing my last year of university. I'm a little nervous about the search and trying to find a place that will fit me. I'm hoping the transition will be fairly smooth and I'll settle in to a nice rhythm over the summer.